Saturday, September 27, 2008


Got the keys to our hew home, and now the real work starts. Met the contractor last night and we went through on what needs to be done. I realised what I want a lot to be done(yes Louis you were right all along, I do want a lot). I was thinking with my Heart and not with my Pocket. So the list went on and on, and mind you we have not even come to the part of new furnishings yet! I will be receiving the quotation on Monday and will 'sit down' before viewing it, in case I faint with shock. If you are wondering why my husband is not mentioned here with the contractor, BECAUSE my husband is from Mars. He believes in 'simplicity' to a fault. If I leave it to him, we will move into that house as it is, with its lavender exterior and worn out floors and broken doors...! (Then again I wish I can be like him at times so I will not have the burden of wanting all in order...). I am feeling anxiety attack as there is a lot to be done..and decisions to made...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Say NO to ISA! : If it is to be, it is up to me.

I live my life at times bordering on "If it is to be, it is up to me' or 'Who died and made me King?'. Yesterday I chose the former! The Internal Security Act a draconian law has been used again in this so called democratic country, and 3 people have been jailed. With the ISA you are denied your right to engage a lawyer or to defend yourself! People are crying injustice and are telling the government that they will no longer tolerate such abuse of power. So Siva and I went to join the candlelight vigil last night to release those who are held and to give them a fair trial. The rain and the presence of police did not dampen the spirit of those who wanted to stand up for what they believe in. The presence of the police was intimidating but the spirit was high. This is my first time joining such a vigil and it was indeed a special experience.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

Arjoonha my oldest boy makes friends easily. Nothing makes him happier then playing with friends other then watching TV. My youngest one Bharath tags along happily. We live in an apartment and the only common place to play is in the swimming pool or the little play area around it. So my children spends many a day basking in the pool. Arjoonha has a group of friends he plays with and for some reason he chooses friends who are much older then him. His partners in crime are Ruby, JR and Joon Joon. He is going to miss them much once we move to our new place next month,and I am sure they will miss him too. I sure do hope he will make good friends in our new place. Speaking about friends, 2 very old friends from my primary school has managed to get in touch with me via facebook. How cool is that. And we have not met for like 25 years! We are meeting for lunch tomorrow and I am so excited! Must take lots of photos!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Acts of Friendship

I received an expensive gift from someone and it really did not mean much. A friend braved through after work traffic jam to get me some petrol as my car stalled in the middle of the highway, another sends her husband to pass me some medication that I needed,one friend gives me a lift everytime I do not have the car to get to work, and another sends me home when I still do not have a car to get home from work, a neighbour sends her daughter who is studying for nursing to give my mother a good rub for her backache...I find the most valuable of friends are those who do things for each other. The gift of time and skills are the most valuable. Recently I went to a friend's son's one year old party. And being new parents, overwhelmed at throwing a large party, they forgot to charge their cameras. I offered to get the photos of the party, and later sent it to her in a CD. She was so very grateful to be able to capture the precious moments. If we do not to things for others or have friends who do things for us, then we really need to take a moment to wonder why we have not welcome people into our lives, and the kind of human being we have become...And that to me is truly scary!