Friday, January 02, 2009

Family Portrait

There is something about family portraits that is intriguing. I always look for one when I am at someone's home. At my mother in laws house, there are faded family photos on the wall. It catches the era it was taken in with the 50s and 70s hairdo and fashion. And I will scrutinise each of their faces to see if they are looking happy or sad. I will ask my mother in law their stories. At my mother's place there are family portraits of her mother who adopted her but whom we never knew as she passed away when my mum was a teenager. Family photos gives me a sense of belonging and continuation. I have been wanting to have my family picture taken for some time now, since Arjoonha was 2. But procastination got the better of me. But then again it will not be a complete family without Bhaarath around. So since we have Bhaarath(my 2nd son) in our life now, it feels just about time to get it done. Here we go...all of of us.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am well into 2009 now! We ushered in the New Year with about 40 friends and family,while eating 12 grapes each when the clock struck 12(supposedly a Philipines tradition as a symbol to have 12 sweet months), and watching the display of fireworks from the Twin Tower! We hugged and wished each other a very happy new year,and we came home about 2am. And wallah...we are in 2009! My hope and wish for this year is to live it with humanity in mind and to be joyfully optimistic.