Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I turned 40

I turned 40 last Thursday. I mean how did it happen. I was this young girl cycling around everywhere and being crazy and all. I feel 33, I am stuck at 33...I  don't mind being 40, but I used to think 40 is a ripe old age where people were serious and had enough of life and tired and old. But I feel energetic, I feel life has just really started I feel 33!:) I turned 40. And I feel good about it, I feel I am at good part of 40. What's my resolution, I am never one to be good at sticking to any resolutions, but I am gonna make some anyway.

1. To have a mood chart up, did one and gonna put it up.
2. To take care of health, juicing more.
3. To try to let go of the small stuff that I so often get annoyed and worry about...this is a tough one for me.
4. To have some time with hubby alone.
5. To try not to scream at kids so much and to use virtues way...constantly trying.

Getting up and making it happen

Running own business and managing own time has many advantages. You manage your time, you have the flexibility and you have a much better balance of work like. It can also get vague, no direction and no target at times. So sometimes I find myself in a rut or staring into space, which can be scary and gives a feeling of insecurity at times. So I need to set some goals and target. And the same happens at home some times I deal with things as they come along, and I see paper, bills, mails gathering, kids papers books and all the rooms getting piled up with stuff, and it's time for another cleaning and decluttering. I managed to declutter wardrobe and kids closet and gave away many stuffs and realize there is space there now, just cleared kids study and more space there too! Now I need to tackle the living room, with all the mails and bills gathering. The biggest challenge is hubby's computer space and stuff and that's a sensitive subject with him, so I will tackle that the last:). This school holiday will focus on decluttering, and catching up on children's studies. Arjoonha needs to improve on his Bahasa Malaysia and also Chinese Science. So am getting to do workbook and hope he will do much better in the next exam. Also gonna take them to park daily if possible, and spend much time with them. At the end of the day that's what matters, So gonna get uo and make it happen!

School Holidays : Penang Island and Taiping

School holidays just started and we actually started it a little early to beat the jam and the holiday crowd, and truly it's a great decision. We left to Penang on Thursday... Looks like Bayview Beach Penang is gonna be our Hotel of choice. Good rates, clean, nice pools and gardens, food and beach is okay. The beach in Penang is nothing like how it used to be, the water is not very clean and also the beach is very small and not a big deal. But in the West Coast this is a better beach compared to that of Port Dickson and Morib. And there is something about holidaying by the beach, just the sound of the waters and the wind makes it somehow more of a holiday:)  This time we went to Suffolk House for high tea. It was a truly nice experience, being served tea and dainty cakes, sandwiches and scones on tiers...The garden is beautiful and also the mansion itself. The kids truly enjoyed the experience. Then we also had dinner at the place called China House, our friends EK and his wife took us there. Apparently owned by a rich Australian lady,  I thought it was a charming place. It's a very long narrow place, and it's like walking through different worlds...okay may seem to be an exaggeration but what I mean is as we walk in there is the bar, then the courtyard, then the fine dining, family room, reading room, casual dining, and the upstairs is an art gallery for young artist. Such a cleverly combined place. Love it!  Then we have to have a mean at Happy Garden, which has been operating for 28 years, a small shack like place amidst a pretty garden. They serve home made bread and marmalades, American breakfast and local food. Kids had plenty of pool and beach time and I sneaked in a  massage and some needed discussion with hubby. We then went to Taiping for a day. We took the kids to the Taiping Night Safari. Frankly this is not worth the trip as the tram we were on was super noise and the animals are kind of hard to see in the dark. If you really want one go to the Singapore Night Safari. But the Taiping Lake Gardens is worth a visit. First of all it's Malaysia first public park and it's green, lush, serene and beautiful. Kids were happily playing in it for more then an hour. It was a good holiday for the kids, and for the adults too. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bhaarata turned 6 and Mother's day

Bhaarata turned 6. My little cheeky, persistent, strong willed child who came into my life 5 years ago (yes he is 6 now:). Everthing about him is so special. He is like a burst of sunshine. Love him so very much.  Bhaarata's birthday is also mothers day this year. A party at Kids sports and gym was arranged for him, and he had all his friends around him and had a blast. It was made more special as 2 of his cousins stayed the night, and the next day was mothers day, so both my sisters and I took my mother out for lunch, and we chatted and laughed forgetting the usual stresses of life for a few hours.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Death is a Messenger of Joy

We believe death is a messenger of joy to those who dies, but those left behind have to learn to cope with living without their loved ones.  I just received news of someone we know in the community passing away due to cancer. Cancer, this illness robs so many families of loved ones, both young and old.  I have my own regrets that I did not visit as I intended to. Thinking there will be another time another chance, and more often then not another time and another chance does not come.  I pray that dear Kasthuri's family will slowly heal and her husband will find solace.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Time Heals All...they say

I have heard that time eventually heals all. Maybe it doesnt heal but the pain becomes lesser...maybe for some things. My cousin lost her child and can something like that heal, maybe she does not feel the intense pain and grief as she once did, but the pain of losing a child cannot be healed. But yes time heals many things else, and I want to believe that eventually all becomes less painful, and less intense and less...

Thursday, May 03, 2012


Last 1 week all of us have been praying for the safe return of a child who was kidnapped outside his school around here. The thought of it was devastating and I could not bring myself to even look at the pictures of the parents in the facebook being a mother myself. The kids and I have been praying daily for his safe return, like thousands of other out there. Today at 730am we read the news that he has been found and safely united with his family. What a happy news this is, one that is indesceribable! Thank you God!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

We need to be reminded...

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we have much to be thankful for. Yes I may have wanted it differently even had it differently, and then I am reminded to be thankful. This last week when we were at my sisters house she brought us to a home for prayers. This family of 3 lived in a small low cost apartment with no lights at the staircase, rubbish strewn all over a tiny place. Both my sons were with me and I can see my oldest one observing the surrounding and taking it all in. And I felt humbled,  they were so gracious in welcoming us and serving us with whatever they have. And I also used that moment to teach my children to be thankful for what we have and to realise that not all out there has much. Today we were at a morning devotional when a parents brought their daughter who is severely ill with cancer for the devotional and although the young lady's eyesight is failing she insisted to read a prayer. And it made me feel that sometimes how we let our sleepiness and a little tiredness stop us from attending prayers, when we can never know that  we may not be able to do it one day. Sometimes I need to be reminded..And I am truly grateful for all that I have.