Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting up and making it happen

Running own business and managing own time has many advantages. You manage your time, you have the flexibility and you have a much better balance of work like. It can also get vague, no direction and no target at times. So sometimes I find myself in a rut or staring into space, which can be scary and gives a feeling of insecurity at times. So I need to set some goals and target. And the same happens at home some times I deal with things as they come along, and I see paper, bills, mails gathering, kids papers books and all the rooms getting piled up with stuff, and it's time for another cleaning and decluttering. I managed to declutter wardrobe and kids closet and gave away many stuffs and realize there is space there now, just cleared kids study and more space there too! Now I need to tackle the living room, with all the mails and bills gathering. The biggest challenge is hubby's computer space and stuff and that's a sensitive subject with him, so I will tackle that the last:). This school holiday will focus on decluttering, and catching up on children's studies. Arjoonha needs to improve on his Bahasa Malaysia and also Chinese Science. So am getting to do workbook and hope he will do much better in the next exam. Also gonna take them to park daily if possible, and spend much time with them. At the end of the day that's what matters, So gonna get uo and make it happen!

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