Monday, November 16, 2009

Good movies come in all,white, yellow or red!

I love watching movies, documentaries, cook shows, celebrity news and almost everything and anything. Nothing gives me more joy then a good movie, and my version of a good movie is a about 'women, and family, and love and friendship and jane austen kind of love! I also have a sadistic streak and once awhile enjoys holocaust and end of the world movies, and of course that will include going to the cinema to watch 2012! Have booked tickets for the family today evening! What i enjoy is not the sordid details of dying and the world coming to an end, I dont believe in that! But the good and bad of humanity when something terrible happens. I sure do hope 2012 will not be disappointing. Growing up I was a fan of little house in the prairie, and wanted to be laura ingalls(braid and all), or wanting to be Anne in Anne of Green Gables(with hair as red as carrot), or wanting a family like the Waltons(grandpa and grandma)! A dose of a good movie and a good cuppa coffee is all I need to perk me up...and also well behaved children, loving husband, lots of money, lots of free time...Hope I am not asking for too much here!:)

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Our domestic helper dear Awi has left for a 2 months break. Selfishly I so regret for granting her a 2 months break, though it's a well earned one. I was so nervous the thought of her leaving to indonesia, where she comes from. She has been with us for 5 years and we have come to rely on her more then we will like to admit. She cleans and cooks for us, and while we are out at work she minds the kids. So you can imagine just how much she does. Being working parents with a full time job and 2 active boys leaves us with very little time. Any time left after work is spent with them, or taking them for classes and prayer sessions..Without a maid we have to send them to daycares and childminders which can be more costly and not having a home environment. A good domestic helper is indeed a blessing for us. They take care of our home and kids while we are at work. Back to Awi being away, i was a bundle of nerves, and my sweet friend Louis offered his maid to help us for 4 days a week. That was so surreal and took care of most of our worries. So sunday till friday morning i have help with house and kids, and that is such a BLESSING. Friday till sunday afternoon without any help with kids and housework was making me all crazy and totally exhausted. There is just no way working mothers can hold a full time job and still take care of kids and run a clean home. So I am counting my blessings! And my heart goes out to all the women out there who does too much.. ! I am counting my blessings!