Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Mum!

My sister's and I

My mother!

It was my mum's 73rd birthday on Feb 15. We had a surprise do for her with family and friends at my place. My mother...what can one say. She is an amazing lady in the true sense of the word. She is a chinese by origin and given up for adoption to an Indian family. She was loved by her adopted mother who was a widow and my grandma passed away when my mum was barely 12. My mum has to go and live with a relative who only took her in as a helper to assist with household chores and taking care of her 10 children. She went through many tough days but her sense of humour, curiosity of life got her through. She could have easily chose to be bitter and sensitive, but she became totally the opposite. She even treated that lady with love and respect till her last days. She then later was married off to my dad at 17 and my dad was 34 years old. What I learnt most from my mum is about giving and welcoming people of all walks of life, races and religion. If there is a Radio or TV that is not working my mum will fix it, a leak in the roof she will fix it. A neighbour needs help, she will be there... A fun personality too. She is so very mischiveous, and loves to play pranks on people even till now..she drives us mad some times. I hope she will have many more healthy birthdays to come, and I hope that I can emulate her in living life!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am not too sure...Happy Valentine's

I just realised I havent blogged for more than a month. I really dont know why, but i know I have this unsettled feeling inside me...Maybe I am anxious about the economy and the effect it may have on my work, the political climate of the country..and many more.Maybe i am menopausal, is 37 too young to go thru it?? I do have a lot in my mind to write though. Tomorrow's valentine's day. I am going to cook Roast Lamb Shoulder Jamie Olivier Style for husband and children. For the boy's they are not familiar with red meat, so will make them roast chicken instead,and we will have a family dinner with candlelight and all. I told my 6 year old that I am inviting him for dinner and he asked me where? I said my kitchen, and he said "I can't drive yet"..hmmm.. One can never be too sure what goes through 6 year old's mind. Happy Valentine's Day!