Sunday, May 08, 2011

Going Bananas

Bananas is a weekly must haves in our home. I buy them during my weekly grocery...And we are lucky being a tropical countries we get them all through the year. I try to buy the 'kampung' ones as the reengineered ones though looks perfect makes me feel that there may be too much of pesticide in them. Keeping bananas fresh is another thing altogether. They tend to ripe way too fast and at the same time.. I was told by a friend that cutting off the bananas from it's stem keeps it longer. I have been trying this method and it really works! It keeps the banana fresh much longer. Just cut them off individually. Having bananas at home is really useful. When kids are hungry this is the best and healthier way to fill them up.When you need to go out and need a snack for the kids it's easy to keep one of two of them in your bag. When they are really ripe you can mash them up and make some muffins.... My kids favorite is still the malaysian way of eating them. That is to mash the banana with some flour and sugar and salt to tast, make them into a thick pancake like batter and drop spoonfuls of them in hot oil and fry them till  deep fry them in oil till golden brown.