Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bali, Indonesia

Bali was a place which I wanted to go for some time. Heard much about the beaches, the culture and people. And they are very famous for great Spas! For a very cheap price! So we grabbed a promotional offer and went off just husband and i for the first time leaving behind our son's and headed to the tropical island of Bali!!!! And I call this trip the 'marriage saving trip':). It was a 3hours flight from Kuala Lumpur and arrived in Bali about noon. We did not book any accommodation, which is on hindsight not a very good idea as Bali is always fully booked. It is more like a mini Australia, as every nook and corner there are Australian tourist by the dozen. Many comes there for surfing... And with the conversion from AUD to Indonesian rupiah, it becomes a very cheap holiday destination. So anyway we took a cab to the Legian street which is the quieter street of the famous Kuta Beach, and walked around and found a hotel, actually the only one available, as cost about USD30, with swimming pool and a balinese courtyard. The bathroom was a little dinghy for my liking..but we had no choice. So we headed to the beach, and the waves were pretty wild and everyone was doing the beach thingy. It felt a little weird at first as it has been ages since just siva and i went for a holiday without the kids..It felt strange to be able to just do anything with no worries of the kids...Okay before you judge we missed the boys very much all throughout the holiday but we wanted to just enjoy the time we were there. So we ate, and we ate, and we walked, and we walked! Actually we ate more then we walked, it was crazy. We ate guacamole with avocado, kebab, sate, pizza, balinese food, all kinds, we had breakfast, tea, lunch, tea, dinner and supper...with no interruption. We read, and finished a book each, watched CD's vantage point and a kevin costner show, we went for a Bali dance thingy, we walked amongs the paddy fields, we cycled through balinese villages and spoke to the people, we took a drive through the only kind of art village which is 20km long heading towards the volcanic mountains. okay the only thing is i have so few photos to justify all this. As when we are actually doing things and breathing in the moment, we forget to put a camera in front of us.. Balinese art and craft are amazing and very cheap. We bought 2 large pieces of abstract oil painting which cost me about USD30-40 only, and they are beautiful. I will get those pics and post it here. We made a good contact with Week a local who has a car and does drive us around on very good rates, trustworthy and reliable. We stayed the next 3 days near the mountains, which is Ubud in a small hotel which is surrounded by paddy fields, the hotel has a stream which goes kinda under or through it and has a typical balinese design. It is the Junjungan Bali Hotel and Spa. And yes we went to the spa, had good massage, manicure, pedicure and all...and came out completely spoilt and wanting for more.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bhaarath's Birthday!

Last Sunday, May 17th we had a birthday party at McDonalds. I was at a lost for a venue and decided to have it at McDs. My baby Bhaarath turned 3. He had so much fun having get to celebrate his birthday and receiving many gifts. It was a simple and fun party with family and friends. I love you Bhaarath, may you have another 100 birthdays in your life!