Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's already going to be June 2013!

I so remember the year beginning and now it's almost mid year. I have been better at exercising this year. Trying to keep to 2-3 times of running on the treadmill while browsing through the telly.  My 41st birthday was a few days ago. It was a totally glorious happy time I had. My besties came over to my place surprised me and we spent the morning together, just being together. Blissful. We dont do it often enough, but hey having some time together while having young children and a career is a challenge...We are so looking forward to our weekend away in less then 3 weeks....and we are trying to shed some pounds before that, so on the treadmill for me today, and fruits and salads for lunch today:) If wealth is measured with great friends in life, then I am a millionnaire. I have totally awesome friends, and I feel totally blessed. I have friends who care, to talk with, to help me, to give me a shake when I need one, to go shopping when I need one...How did I get so lucky!