Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Someone else's life

I love reading blog. If I have my own time, other then watching tv, I read blogs, in fact I read more blogs then I do read books, and books are suppose to be my first love. I just love to know how people live their lives and what they do, right from the everyday stuff to the not so everyday ones. This is how I am, listening and finding out about lives around me, and picking up the good ones, wishing sometimes I live their lives..I was feeling a little low yesterday as I really idled the time away and felt guilty and useless. My friend called and I told her how I felt and she said, that is so far from true. That she loves my life and what I do, and how I make people happy. I wasnt totally convinced it did make me feel a little better. Which makes me feel I need to embrace the life I have and make it a little better everyday, as someone out there thinks I have a better life then them...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Incorporating Fruits in every meal

I was watching River Cottage about incorporating fruits in our meals. I have been trying to do this. my oldest boy have been drinking fruit juices for breakfast before school a few times week, need to make this a daily routine. So what better day then to indulge on breakfast then weekends!  I followed the recipe for drop scones from the show and it was great. It's really like American pancakes, smaller in shape and what I do was to smear them,\ with honey and a squeeze of lemon juice and topped them with strawberries and banana slices. My son had 7 of them! Truly yummy! I really didnt follow the measurements I used:

200gm of self raising flour
2 tablespoon of brown castor sugar
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 eggs
Whisked them all with enough milk to make a smooth better with the consistency to scoop and drop into a pan


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Arjoonha turned 9

My dearest arjoonha, my eldest son just turned 9 on the 9th of April. My sweet gentle boy. I am so super blessed to have him. He was a wonderful good baby and growing up to be a good natured boy. He loves watching tv, being read a book and told stories, he loves to be with his friends and cousins and love having visitors at home. He is kind and sympathetic and so mature for for his age. And I love him so very much. My wish for him is to grow up being a just person, generous and kind and love what he is and what he choose to do and to be a God fearing person. I love you arjoonha with all my heart.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Iphone 4s


Bhaarata and Arjoonha

Got my Iphone 4s! Been using the Iphone 3Gs for almost 3 years now and starting to have some problems with the speaker activating so just changed into 4s. Loving it. Love the new apps instagram and the many choices of hues it comes with. The old phone have been passed to hubby who willingly took it as he does not use the phone as often as I do, due to work:). Technology never fails to amaze me. Have been playing OMGPOP with friends whom I have not met for so many years, and who are in different parts of the world. What more will I see in my lifetime I wonder.