Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Someone else's life

I love reading blog. If I have my own time, other then watching tv, I read blogs, in fact I read more blogs then I do read books, and books are suppose to be my first love. I just love to know how people live their lives and what they do, right from the everyday stuff to the not so everyday ones. This is how I am, listening and finding out about lives around me, and picking up the good ones, wishing sometimes I live their lives..I was feeling a little low yesterday as I really idled the time away and felt guilty and useless. My friend called and I told her how I felt and she said, that is so far from true. That she loves my life and what I do, and how I make people happy. I wasnt totally convinced it did make me feel a little better. Which makes me feel I need to embrace the life I have and make it a little better everyday, as someone out there thinks I have a better life then them...

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