Friday, April 29, 2011


Something about Ikea that warms my heart. When I receive Ikea brochures, have lunch at Ikeas or go shop it Ikea its always fun. Obviously their marketing works. The bright colors, the easy setting, the ideas and design...or i so love Ikea. They are all about ideas, ideas and cute ideas. They make me want to set a beautiful home, they make me want to curl up on their sofas...and every child should have an Ikea bedroom...I think I need to go to Ikea soon!.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kids follow what their parents do and not what they say

I am feeling anxious and guilty as I have not been setting examples of a good parent. Kids follow what we do and not really what we say. I have been screaming a lot lately at my kids, When they squabble, or to get them to do homework. And I know if I don't stop now(hopefully not too late) they will also scream to get things done! Another thing I need to do is spend more time with them, playing and giving them more space and time to play. Being a working mum and also with their school schedule doing this can be challenging. But just like everything that is important this has to be given importance. All is not bad. Good thing is I acknowledge this and willing to work on this, that is a start!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Keeping it simple

I am learning to keep things simpler this year...and still have fun. I realise when I throw parties to keep is simple and fun...I used to spend money and lots of time on my kids party. But this year i kept the numbers smaller, focussed on what is fun for the birthday child and his friends, kept decor simple, and the food great and balanced as possible. My son still claimed he had the best time of his life....Even when it comes to meals I am trying to keep it simple. One pot meal, simple sandwiches...Over the weekend for lunch I made some srambled eggs with salad..and the kids seem to enjoy them, and throw in some fruits. or it's sandwiches or simple roast and salad. Even for entertainment over weekends and holidays we are trying to keep it simple. Visiting a friend, going to the park, visiting cousins or spending time at home with some games and craft. And I realise there is something soothing and calming in keeping it simple.I am still learning there are many areas in my life where I can keep it simpler...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Counting Blessings on Wednesday

I am thankful today:

1. I have good colleagues who are also friends.
2. I have friends to call and talk to at any given time.
3. I came home to a clean home and dinner on the table.
4. I came home to my two beautiful boys, and a husband who took my boys cycling so I can have some quiet time.
5. We had dinner together as a family.

What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thinking about weekend

I am working from home today, and it's Thursday.Okay I am super blessed to be able to work from home when I want to..Thank you God... I am already thinking about weekend and how to make it great...and wholesome:)...and a fun family time. Must start with the right breakfast, probably some scrambled eggs with toast, lunch..probably a roast with salad...and dinner...we probably go out and have a grab(not to healthy??)...Will take the boys to Amcorp mall for some tea and to get the bayblade( a new craze amongst boys and probably girls too).. Sunday will go and visit mum in law, did not do that last weekend, so have to do it this week:)...Kids get to play with their cousins...too!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bedroom makeover



I have been wanting to makeover my bedroom with minimal spending. My children 8 and 5 have been moved to their own bedroom. Meaning husband and I have the room to ourselves. No more children toys everywhere. I will like the room to be cost, organized and pretty:) the room has one queen size bed in brown, a side table in brown, a 5 drawer chest and table in white. Just one picture on the wall. The wall color is a shade of cream brown. Will post photo later. All the furnitures have been painted white. And this has made a huge difference to the bedroom. Other ideas to place a carpet, to have nice framed pictures above the bedhead, a comfortable chair to curl up with a book, a standing lamp shade,an oil burner and to paint the wall with a shade of white and the wall behind the bed a green I saw on the ikea website. And I hope to have a sanctuary of comfort and peace to read, rest and pray in:)... More photos of before and after to follow.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Arjoonha turned 8

My oldest son just turned 8 yesterday! We had a party at home with his favorite food and cake and closes friends! He was at his happiest andneclaimed everything was absolutely awesome! Andto top it all he got toys that he wanted, UNO spin and another spin game..and has been raving about it since last nit. And to make things better one of his good friends stayed the night, so when they woke up this morning the excitement of playing with the new toys are even better. Seeing him so happy makes it all worthwhile. Every year I get excited about my childrens birthday and throwing them a fun party and tends to spend quite a bit ..this year I kind of scaclee back on the scale of the whole thing.for a few reasons. One I do not want my kids to relate happiness to spending money, I want them to know simple things can make them happy and also to focus on the important things, such as relationship and hospitality! Cakes can be so expensive about rm80-100.. Hhis time I baked his favorite butter cake with buttercream icing..he loved it ...and we had simpler party packs, home organized games and the winners get a gift each, like board games..the biggest expenses was in getting strawberries. That is arjoonha favorite fruit! So we had chocolate fondue with lots of strawberries of course. We had fried chicken, glass noodles fried, popish and cheesy wedges. And domino's pizza! had a blast, we were very exhausted but then agan the objective was met. Arjoonha had a memorable party with his standard two friends! My baby has turned 8.. And I wish he will grow up to be a God fearing and mankind loving human being and to live life passionately more then anything else!