Monday, April 25, 2011

Keeping it simple

I am learning to keep things simpler this year...and still have fun. I realise when I throw parties to keep is simple and fun...I used to spend money and lots of time on my kids party. But this year i kept the numbers smaller, focussed on what is fun for the birthday child and his friends, kept decor simple, and the food great and balanced as possible. My son still claimed he had the best time of his life....Even when it comes to meals I am trying to keep it simple. One pot meal, simple sandwiches...Over the weekend for lunch I made some srambled eggs with salad..and the kids seem to enjoy them, and throw in some fruits. or it's sandwiches or simple roast and salad. Even for entertainment over weekends and holidays we are trying to keep it simple. Visiting a friend, going to the park, visiting cousins or spending time at home with some games and craft. And I realise there is something soothing and calming in keeping it simple.I am still learning there are many areas in my life where I can keep it simpler...

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