Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I turned 40

I turned 40 last Thursday. I mean how did it happen. I was this young girl cycling around everywhere and being crazy and all. I feel 33, I am stuck at 33...I  don't mind being 40, but I used to think 40 is a ripe old age where people were serious and had enough of life and tired and old. But I feel energetic, I feel life has just really started I feel 33!:) I turned 40. And I feel good about it, I feel I am at good part of 40. What's my resolution, I am never one to be good at sticking to any resolutions, but I am gonna make some anyway.

1. To have a mood chart up, did one and gonna put it up.
2. To take care of health, juicing more.
3. To try to let go of the small stuff that I so often get annoyed and worry about...this is a tough one for me.
4. To have some time with hubby alone.
5. To try not to scream at kids so much and to use virtues way...constantly trying.

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