Saturday, August 04, 2012

House, Garden and Family

I was neglecting my garden for about 2 months, just cant bring myself to do anything about it. Each time I walk by I try to ignore how it looks, how shabby it has become, and it looks wthered, sad and totally neglected. The rose plants which have been flowering this last 2 years has completely stopped flowering for the first time. And then one Sunday I started clearing, repotting, fertilising, rearranging, and in 2 weeks the garden looked completely different. Everything looked greener, cleaner, and the roses started flowering. Which remeinded me of life, when we ignore the problems we have they dont go away but becomes worst and starts rotting at the roots...I am in a happier place now, as always I find the happy spot and try to linger in it as long as possible...till something comes up and shakes  its core, but I always get there:) Children are growing so fine...two days ago my oldest one told me that just before his test he said a prayer and that made me totally happy...My husband is starting his Masters program and seems excited about it...and my younger one..oh he is just growing up fast and happy, and I am totally grateful...for all the family and friends that I have.

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