Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My kids are growing up way too fast!

Arjoonha started school yesterday, he is in year one, 7 year old big boy! I cant believe it,still remember him being the cutest baby so gentle and easy to care for. Now here he is wearing his school uniform and going to the big school! i felt so anxious and nervous for him. How if he is bullied, how if he gets an ogre for a teacher, how if he is a very poor student and comes out last in class, how if he is depressed and despises school..how if he does not enjoy school the way I did a long time ago! I brought him to school, and was with him for awhile, he seems quiet but at ease, and soon i left and he seemed alright! I felt better seeing him all cool about it and not making a fuss...and i thought okay this is not too bad after all...the world is not as bad out there as i imagined it to be! Bhaarath my 2nd son is going to preschool in january and it's a whole lot of changes for us. Both boys in school. I will miss them just being crazy and young and not worrying about schoolwork! But they grow, and learn, and hurt and laugh and cry and smile and hopefully they will grow up to be courageous, kind and God fearing!

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