Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year 2010 and First Day of School!

Happy New Year! 2010 is here! I am wishing and will be working towards a fabulous in 2011 I can say that was a year I truly lived:):):) New Year's day had a small party at my place and gathered family and close friends to welcome the 2010. And the days went by fast and today both my sons started school...Arjoonha my started year 1 and he is 7 and Bhaarath is 4 and started kindergarten. It's amazing the anxiety we feel for our kids, trying to shelter them from all harm and making it an amazing experience. It was a good it could have been worst, things went generally pretty smooth. I did not go to work today and I thought i will go to work tomorrow, but will play it by ear. Arjoonha will be going to a homework coaching centre prior to his afternoon school..(how i wish he can have someone teach him in the house), but I am not chinese educated and he is going to a chinese school and needs someone to coach him..(ok i am rambling here, but I am not sure if all this is good for him,and the arrangement is conducive). Under the circumstances I will stick to this till a better plan comes up! Sigh...why do I worry so much, I should pray trust in God and let it go...and I must do more letting go this year! Life has been a blessing and I have so many good things happening...and I realise I have no right to complaint. Anyway Happy New Year again.

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