Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Health and Minimising Regrets....2012

2012 has been a good year ...so far..we are only 2 months into the year. I have been pretty regular with my morning exercise, which is an 45mins - 1 hour of brisk walk. And I actually feel good doing it! I also think it's gonna be a more fitter me. With this I actually went for a medical test after so many years of not doing one, and all results came out good which is a relief...Can't afford to die now as my boys are still very young. So I hope to continue the walks...and so contemplating of getting a treadmill! yes a treadmill! What's stopping me, thingking if it will be something of a fad where I use it and then set it aside...! Many tells me walking out there is much better, yes...I dont live in Utah with clear air and beautiful landscape, I scurry in the morning to the nearest park to walk my rounds...And sometimes I dont feel like going out but I do feel like exercising, so shall I get a treadmill?? Or is it gonna be a purchase that I will regret?

We gave my mum for the first time a surprise birthday party. She is 75 years old. Reason why I shared this idea with my siblings because, I dont want her funeral to be the only first gathering where all our friends and neighbour will gather around for her. I want her while still alive and well to be able to see a show of love for her. It turned out very well indeed, and after the intial shock and drama(yes drama), she enjoyed it, And I really feel good about it as she has happy memories now, and I dont a day when I think back and wished, if only we did for her this...or that..

Next in line, is a weekend get away with 2 of my dearest friends...that have to wait till June...

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