Friday, March 08, 2013

A time to Rejoice

We are fasting now for 19 days from March 2nd to 21st and then we will end with celebrating our Bahai New Year. I am feeling the festive mode now. The cookies to make the cakes to bake and we are having a dinner celebration and inviting friends and families on the 23rd March. Many things to do before that. Get house organized and sorted out...I am always in the organizing and sorting out mode..I suppose it doesnt end as life it needs constant readjusting and rearranging to get it just right, better looking and more organized. And as any planning I am addicted to lists. I have a list for everything.  And I tick them off as I go along. I started with the garden and added in more colours and got it neater, and had new grass laid. It's looking good now, I have arranged for the caterers and the chairs and the tables and also thinking of idea of injecting some basic decors.

The fasting month is good for me especially as it draws me to what's really important, praying, thinking of goodwill, reading spiritual words and cooking meals for the family and also spending more time getting to know the community.

One of my most favorite saying by Abdul Baha:
If we are not happy and joyous at this season, for what other season shall we wait and for what other time shall we look? - Abdul Baha

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