Monday, November 17, 2008



Moving house is indeed stressful! And I only moved 45 minutes away from where I am now. How do people move to another country or continent! Dont think I will survive it! Gosh it is amazing the amount of things we manage to collect in that small apartment of ours. Yes we have finally moved to our new place, and it is slowly beginning to take shape. Slowly but surely we are getting settled in. New neighbours, new lanes, new schools, new markets, new playgrounds, many new things to adapt too! Will post more stuff later! Just to say I am back! I have a new colleague in my office, so a few changes in life, and i realise I am not very good with changes!


Janice said...

but you're closer to your new house and dun worry, you cope well with changes. YOu just need to accept them..

FleetingMoments said...

yah ...closer to u is good, can get a lift now and then, and have adventure on the road.