Thursday, September 17, 2009

July, August and well into passes by

I haven't blogged for so long...almost 3 months..time just passed by...And I am not quite sure what happened and where it went. To capture the glimpse of the last 3 months

- friends had marital problems...on and off..and I was doing lots of listening.
- did lots of gardening and have a patch of garden with green grass and some nice potted plants..and some sugarcane, roselle plant...and some flowering plants...all looks trimmed and nice
- business is getting better compared to the 1st half of the year...Thank you God.
- Arjoonha my oldest son, got his entry to year one, which he will be starting in January and i am feeling anxious of the thought of him going to a proper school. My baby all grown up. I hope he makes lots of great friends and finds joy in learning.
- did lots of baking, orange butter cake, brownies, carrot cake...
- failed in some attempt of losing weight
- visited melaka and had a great weekend...went to the Melaka Zoo and kids had a blast.

Present : Oh I am so tired of the jam caused by the fasting month...all will end after this weekend. Hope i find more inspiration to heart has been lacking creative juice I guess...or ahem am I having a writers block...LOL!


Min Bakingproject said...

Hi Ahmootha, when are u guys coming to my house for Raya ? Come la with Thila, maybe dinner during weekend. You pick the date. Let me know. :)

FleetingMoments said...

hey u havent invited takkan i want to gate crash! you fix the date dear and we will come...!!!!