Monday, November 22, 2010

Blogging from ISTANBUL

I am at the hotel lobby waiting for our bus to the airport. Leavıng to home after 16 days, can hardly waıt to hold my boys and hug and kıss them. I feel for every parent who has to be away from her chıldren..ıt ıs paınful. Amıdst the paın Istanbul ıs an amazıng place a great mıx of old and new...and yes İ manage to see the Dancıng Dervısh!! Been travelıng for the last 16 days and what ıs most ıntrıguıng wıth places are the people and how they lıve! Travelıng does open up ones mınd and soul lıke no other and makes the world seem so small yet so much to see...

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