Monday, December 13, 2010

December 2010

I can't believe it's December 2010, and very soon the year is over with all it's glory! I still remember like it was yesterday, that I was lining up all the resolutions for this year...I cant even remember half of it and definitely did not stick by most of it. This year has been a great year overall...I have been so very blessed in all the areas of my life, I really could not ask for more, while saying this i am feeling nervous knowing that 'To those much is given, much is expected'!! This is the month to reflect for all that has gone right and not so right, and what I could have done better. And more resolutions for next year...definitely..there will always be new resolutions...I want to be a better person next year then I have been this year. More then anything I want to be a great mother, a patient wife, and wonderful sibling, a thoughtful daughter a fun and understanding friend, a useful citizen of the world, and I want to be kind and fair to myself!!! 2011...I am so ready for you.... please shower me with sunshine, green grass, with love and fun, with God and money, with family and friends, with great moments, and manageable challenges, with new experience and gentle weather...

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