Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wholemeal Cinnamon buns!

We think something is very difficult even before attempting it...I have always thot making good loaves of bread is difficult what more making cinnamon buns!! Bun it's not difficult once you know how to and have the right ingredients. And I am ecstatic as with the whole meal bread dough I made some cinnamon buns..with brown sugar and cinnamon, raisin and walnuts and it was yummy, soft and moist...And I made 2 loaves of bread, one to give away...And now my sister once one and my colleagues too..and I am out of bread flour and wholemeal flour...I need to bake more to be given away for thursday...baking and learning to bake bread was one of my 2010 resolution, and fullfilled at the tail end of the year............Home made bread is here to stay!


Anonymous said...

Lovely my dear simply lovely...Cant wait for my share of bread!!!1

FleetingMoments said...

thil's is tha you? it shows u as anonymous...this is really simple woman, u must make this for ur kids.

thilaga said...

yes its me...Yes I should