Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Building character

My kids are going to be 8 and 5. Having a live in maid meaning most houseworks are done for you and you have someone there all the time to help. That is great, as you can do so much more but the downside of it is we become too reliant on the maid, and kids do not seem to be able to pick up after themselves. We have been pretty firm with them needing to do things for themselves, but they haven't started on doing chores. Have started them right away. I can think of so many to get them to do. Washing dishes, making beds, feeding pet, vacuuming, washing car, ...And to make it all fun..am gonna create a point system. Each chore has a certain point to it. And we can see how many points they collect monthly and that will be converted to something. For example 20 points, and extra hour on the nintendo, 50 points a McDonald burger..that way they earn it and something to look forward to...okay off to do the chart!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant Ahmoo...I will share this with my kids too...Having phobia thinking about next week..All 3 r going to school...Million things to do in the morning...GOD help me!!!!!!!!!!