Monday, December 20, 2010

Bread Glorious Bread

I have always wanted to bake bread, knead it, see it rise, punch it and form it and bake it...and fill the house with the smell of freshly baked bread. I got a 4 star recipe, and bought all the bread flour and whole meal flour, honey and yeast...I baked a loaf, baked small buns with chocolate chips and it tasted so good..densed, moist and heavy!!! I am overjoyed..I am going to repeat this recipe very soon and add on some flaxseeds and sunflower seeds. I am going to bake as often as I can and try out new breads..and fill my family up with wholesome bread. I am going to bring a loaf of bread when i visit a friend, as a's going to be all about bread from,now on..Will this addiction last...and if it last...I will reward myself with a KitchenAid ...or a breadmaker..or both? It is is absolutely therapeutic to dip your hands into risen bread ..........And then seeing your kids spreading the butter and jam on it and devouring it.....Such satisfaction.

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