Saturday, December 22, 2012

Goodbye 2012 and thanks for your lessons...

Another year has just passed on like that. And time to take account. I did not try hard or focus at work this year. I wasted too much time idling away. And this pattern is gonna repeat if I dont set goals for myself and to work my way to spend time well. I need to have an objective and goal! And this year i also come to realise there are some things in me i need to work on to have better relationship with my children, spouse, family and friends. And I should not take relationship for granted. This year also reminded me again that storms passes on and the sun shines brightly again, and during stormy weather to have faith. And I want to be thankful for having so much and being blessed with the wisdom to choose and to see the mistakes and to be thankful for blessings. And I so look forward to 2013 and to to make it a better year, God willing.

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