Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 is Here

2013 is here...and we are just about to end our first week for the year! School started, work started and life started. Thankful for so much abundance that we have, to be positive and not to sweat the samll stuffs, to respect relationship of all forms.

Boys are back to school and it has been good, and hubby has taken on new job at BAC and is excited about it. Hope he finishes his masters which he started though to work and study is challenging but will be good for him on the long run.  I hope and pray this year will be a good year in all ways and that I will open our homes and hearts to more people and to give more. Constantly remembering to those much is given much is expected. And yaay, excite about movie with hubby tomorrow, 'Les Miserable's' while kids are away at a birthday party:)...Finding happiness in the little things..isnt that what's life is about.

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