Thursday, January 31, 2013

School Dilemma

We decided to enrol our children to Chinese Schools as we felt learning an additional language will be beneficial. Moreover China is an economy giant, and also being Bahais' we tend to travel and have a borderless thing when it comes to country, thus an extra language will take be beneficial. Now my son is in year 4 and Chinese Schools are very academic oriented and to cope in the language my son has to attend tuition almost daily. It pains me to see him being tired and going through so much when I feel he should be playing and running and exploring and not just being academical whole day through. Our education system has become so pathetic that people is losing faith in it and homeschools and private and international schools are mushrooming everywhere. So many seems to avoid the kebangsaan schools and spend so much money in sending their children everywhere else. This country does not seem to be the same place we grow up in, hope there is still hope...but left to be seen. So coming back to my son, we are in a dilemma of moving him back to kebangsaan school or remain in chinese school. So we decided to pray and ask for guidance and see what comes along. Chinese of not to chinese...that is the question.

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