Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Baby is 6!

Pin the tail to the Elephant and the Pinata

Arjoonha my oldest just turned 6 on the 9th of April. This will be his last pre-schooling year. Every year at least 2-3 months before his birthday we will get excited and start talking about his birthday. Last 5 years we had parties at all the outlets in town. This year we decided to settle for an old fashioned birthday parties at home, and it is tomorrow. Now I found out how much work actually involves in preparing a party at home. Have to ensure that there are appropriate food for kids and parents, games to keep them entertained, party favours and decorations to create the right ambience etc. I have fond memories of my own birthdays when I was a young child Though we had little financially my mother ensures to make it special for us, by making our favourite food or having a small party. And I want my children to grow having wonderful fun memories of their birthdays and to make it a day that they have lots of fun with their friends. So I have to get my creative juice flowing...Will a game of pinata, pinning the tail to the elephant, musical chair, poison box and 'dance and freeze' be good for a 6 year old and his friends? We shall find out tomorrow! Here are the pics...not very eerrr professional ...but cheaper then the ones we buy from the store. God Bless You Arjoonha.

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