Tuesday, October 20, 2009

8 years of marriage!

Today is our 8th year wedding anniversary! We got married at 5pm, 20th October 2001. Siva my husband was so nervous walking down the aisle and I was busy waving at everyone and he was getting all nervous as I was all over the place. I remember when we were invited to give the wedding speech, I literally grabbed the mic from him and gave the speech first not that I was domineering(though Siva will beg to differ), but because I was nervous and wanted to get it over with, and I remember not having a taste of our own wedding dinner because we were busy talking and meeting guests...and later we were so hungry and when all went home we went out with shorts and tshirt to the nearest tea shop and had tea! I remember us feeling a little funny that we were husband and wife and not merely a couple still dating..It all felt strange and comfortable! I remember us feeling exciting and fun preparing for our honeymoon to Thailand.. I remember Siva having sore eyes during the honeymoon but we just didnt care..It feels like a lifetime ago, but only 8 years ago. I married Siva not for the usual reasons, of gentle and being tall dark and handsome...err he is tall and dark though...2 out of 3 is not too bad I guess.. But I married him as I know I can totally rely on him. ...And he will be and is a great father..and he is the most generous and helpful person I have ever come across ..And he will put my welfare, my children, family and friends welfare first...I sure do hope we have many, many more anniversaries to celebrate!

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