Sunday, August 08, 2010


It has been all about iPad from Apple this weekend. I recently got an iPad for my husband who turned 50. It was more of an excuse to buy it for him so the whole family can get to use it. It's an amzing gadget!!! Even my mum can use it, it's that simple. It's an absolute joy to browse on the iPad as it's fast and I love the mobility, you can use it anywhere. The one I purchased is the one with wifi, so wherever you are with wifi you are able to use the internet. My children, mother, husband and of course me have been enjoying this new toy. It's a book, it's a computer, it's a game console, it's youtube, it's literally perfect. Apple really does it like none other. I am excited to know what Apple will come up with next. And ...the weekend was sealed with a trip to my sister's place to celebrate Shannon's birthday, and also of course to show off the iPad.

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