Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Chapter...a kitten

I am no cat person. But neither will I say I am a dog person..but given the choice between both I would say I am a dog person. My children are more of a cat person, Arjoonha is a cat person, Bhaarath he loves most cuddly animals. What i wanted to say is we got a kitten! Our first pet. Her name is Arba, and Arjoonha named it. He said it's a Mexican name. And when asked what it means, he said it means Arjoonha + Bhaarata = Arba! So Arba it is! Arba has been with us for a week now. I like to see my kids being gentle with the cat, stroking and kissing it and lowering the TV volume when the kitten sleeps. They have been fighting over it as who can have it on their lap...

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