Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sow and Reap

Tasted the first papaya from our tree. It took almost 15 months for the tree to grow from a tiny seed to a fruit bearing plant! We can easily go out and get a papaya for a couple of ringgit. But oh, the satisfaction of seeing it grow and's something else altogether. Imagine the feeling of one's children growing up and becoming good and successful people...That brings me to another conversation that happened yesterday. My sis came down and she always has this thing about having enough saving's for retirement and children's education which not a bad thing. But too much of focusing on one's retirement sometimes makes one forget to live in the now...Siva and I went for a walk after my sister left. I thought he said something that made a lot of sense. He said focus on the children's spiritual education and in bringing them up to be good people and the rest will fall into place. So...yes save and invest for our future...but above all children's spisitual and moral education comes first..

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