Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hobbies...makes a happier adult???

Peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate toppings

Experts says children with hobbies will become adults with hobbies...and tend to be happier( When I was much younger, I collected stamps, and had 2 big albums with stamps from all over the world and used to exchange stamps with friends with similar interests. A few years later I outgrew this and had a small book cupboard where I placed all our collections (my father the ardent reader had a lovely collection of books). The neighbour's kids, Annie, Helena and Ah Heng will borrow it from me and I will charge them 5 cents per book, and later use the money to buy dried chinese plums, in my teens I was into pen-pals and had a pen pal from Pulau Tikus Penang, by the name of Nai Boonlert and another from Trinidad, Tobaggo(cant recall his name..). Later when I was at university experimenting on facials was my new found interest. I used to prod and dig my housemates, and collegemates faces with Avon products(this was the brand I was able to afford at that time). Later when I started work I did a basic diploma in a beauty course and when being at crossroads of what to do I actually started a small boutique called 'Lovely Lady' at Sentul Business Park. The business was slowly building up and in a few short months I was able to break even and had regular customers. Then one day I was feeling so tired and sleepy and locked the saloon door and took a nap, and realised I slept for a good 3 hours, and there were so many missed calls and people knocking at the door. A day later I found out I was pregnant with Arjoonha.... with a new business and being pregnant was challenging and I gave up easily when husband suggested that I take time and enjoy my pregnancy and mother hood; that is what I did for about 1.5 years. My latest interest is BAKING! I recently went for a short course and it has encouraged me to work on this further and I have been enthusiastically baking for the last 1 month, trying everything from, cupcakes to brownies. So till the next hobby emerge I will be happy baking away....And hopefully soon in my new kitchen (yes the house hunting saga continues positively). Thanks to Louis Vham and Ms Chong for giving me lovely baking books for my birthday...can't wait to try them.


JCSY said...

yes yes i agree - a hobby does do wonders for the soul. My dad is 75 this year and eversince he retired 10 years ago.. he has been in various hobbies from wood carving to PC games i.e. Red alert, war strategy games, to printing his own photos with his new video cam, chinese language/writing, burning CDs/DVDs.. he seemed to be more alive & alert when he had his hobbies.. so I really think a hobby encourages an active mind and a happy soul. As for the baking books - we do expect some of the goodies to be made for us..

FleetingMoments said...

yeslah..once the house hunting is over and once I am settled and has a nice place to settle my laptop on, I will bake the cake.

Louis said...

By the time you finished your house hunting - god knows when will it be. But I still looking forward to it.

Remember the brownies you made - deliciously.

Min said...

OMG, I didn't know u opened a boutique, you fail to mention that to me ! I guess once we're at this age, we only want to settle down to a job with less stress and all.
good luck for all your baking projects.. I'll add you to my blogroll.