Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Boy's Birthday Party

My sons 5 and 2 will be having their birthday party today at 11am. It was a whirlwind of searching for venue before deciding on this one. My home is too small to hold a band of 25 kids ...and many adults, then I went on a search and decided on the Birds Park...but with our unpredictable weather it can ruin the party as it's all outdoors, and thought of having a pool party but weather did not permit, then the aquaria seemed like a great choice but it is was way above the budget we had. So in the end we are having it at the Kidz sports and Gym, and so far it seems like a perfect choice. The boys dont know where the party is going to be held so its going to be a surprise for them. The children are going to have a blast of a time. They have been counting the days eagerly. Okay got to go now, will post the birthday pictures later...Much to do prior to leaving. And also my generous husband has offered to give 2 friends a lift. Much coordination, between picking up kids, and picking up friends before heading up to the venue. Bye.......

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