Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School Holiday Guilt

Arjoonha and Bhaarath lazing around in their PJs

During my younger days, at school holidays we did not expect to be entertained, or have special plans made. The biggest treat would be taking a bus ride with my mother to Ipoh and visiting my aunts, uncles and cousins; and staying with them for a few days. The one hour bus ride from Sitiawan to Ipoh was adventurous for a poor traveler like me, who will wretch and vomit a good ten times before reaching the destination. I will start the vomiting spree from the time waiting at the Sitiawan bus station and smelling the exhaust smoke, and then through the journey. I used to suffer from such intense motion sickness that I dread traveling, but my excitement and eagerness to visit my relatives and to listen to all the family gossips was such a strong urge.. Now that I am a mother of a school going boy, I feel this nagging guilt when the kids are left in the apartment, cooped up whole day, and feeling bored or with no plans. So I continuously sought ways to entertain the children. This school holiday my niece Shazrin is with us and she is great in making arts and crafts with the boys. So today we took a drive to the art and craft shop and picked up some papers, brushes and glitters, so the kids can be kept busy tomorrow. A few more plans have been put into place, like movies with the cousins, trip to the park and etc....Yeah that got me thinking that Arjoonha needs to improve on his reading during the holidays


Anonymous said...

The word Sitiawan really excites me when i read it.Reading your blog is reminiscing our childhood

JCSY said...

then only thing that affects me during school holidays at my age, is the traffic... it's damn good going to work and back but horrible when you're going for appointments in KL.. a nightmare. nowadays you can't go for a holiday during school hols... it's just too crowded and also, i dun have school going kids (yet), so my hols will be off paek..which is gooooodddd!