Saturday, June 21, 2008

Arjoonha's Sports Day 2008-Qdees

Prize giving: Trophy and spiderman toy!

The march past

Arjoonha with Ms Chow

We were at Arjoonha's sports day today. When he was a 6 month old baby he developed a pigmentation condition which leaves small dark patches like those marks left by chicken pox all over his face and body. Whenever someone meets him for the first time they will ask about these spots. So when he first heard of sports day at 4 years old, he thought it was to celebrate the 'Spots'. He came home excitedly to tell us that there will be a 'Spots' day. Now that he is 5 and all grown up he knows better. So we were out from 8-12noon today. Bhaarath was excited to tag along and to to see his big brother sporting. It can be pretty hillarious to see antics of the 'Kiasuness' of parents these days. They tried to squeeze through to take pictures, or shout across for their kids to smile. One father who was standing beside me was calling out to his 6 year old daughter. "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel smile,smile...put your cap on properly,stand straight, smile, smile." The poor girl was looking around embarrassed with her father's antics.And then there was another mother, who kept on going to the area where parents are not allowed to wipe the sweat of her 5 year old son, continuously". I can almost imagine the boy growing up to be all nerdy and soft!. But there are also some composed and nice parents, who let their children sweat a little, or just let them be kids. I chose them to speak to and hang around with. After all this is sports day and a little sweat and dirt wouldn't kill anyone.


Min said...

He really looks like you la, Ahmootha. Especially when he smiles.

FleetingMoments said...

Reall? Syukur! No one says this, all says he looks sebijik like my hubby! Anyway I am better looking so he has more hope if he looks like me.

Anonymous said...

Arj is a natural charmer. he got it from you...his look more like Siva definately...Bharath memamg like you

FleetingMoments said...

me natural charmer...hahahah! Dont knowlah.