Saturday, June 14, 2008

To Copy or Coffee

During my 2nd year university break I took up a temporary position as a secretary at Standard Chartered. I was reporting to the Sr VP of International Corporate loan, a real good looking guy. About 2 weeks into my job, he called me over and asked me for some coffee. So I eagerly went to inform the tea lady. She asked me if he requested for white or black. Being so young, I thought everyone only drank coffee with milk, so I went to my boss and asked him white or black? He looked at me really funnily, and then mentioned 'white', and added is there other colour? I smiled politely and said okay, and informed the tea lady. So she brought the coffee over and passed it to him. And he called me over and said where are the copies. And at that point I wanted to piss in my pants, literally piss, and was so embarrassed that I am sure my face was red although I am tanned! He actually asked me to make copies of the earlier document he passed to me and when I asked him white or black he was wondering what other colours can the photocopy print be in but I thought he wanted coffee!!! How I wished I just could drop dead and never have to work for him another day. But I continued to do so for almost 3 months, and he even threw me a farewell party at Chilli's when I left.

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