Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Being a Friend to Earth

There is so much talk on environment and what is good and what is bad. I always wonder if all the talks, the articles will actually help, and if those at the grassroots really care or even thinks about it. I was pleasantly surprised as all the buzz and talks, and articles do help after all. I went to a small shop near where I work and the guy at the counter mentions about one should not use too many plastic bags, I went to Subway for a sandwich and the lady behind the counter mentioned that she is bringing up a suggestion the her management to switch to paper bags instead...And yesterday I went to a traditional hardware shop near where I live and when I refused a plastic bag for the things I purchased, he said all of us should reduce on plastics, and so forth. It looks like being environmentally friendly is close to everyone's heart. All this is fine but how do we do our part..We may not be carrying placards to protest but may find our own small ways.. In my family for instance we are trying to use lesser plastic bags. When we do grocery we bring as many bags as possible, when we buy our bread we refuse plastic bags, when we withdraw money on the ATM we try not to ask for receipts unless necessary, we also collect all unused things laying around our home and send them to the recycling spots, there are many around housing estates,.... Let me know if you have any good ideas and lets do our bit and be Enviromentally Friendly!


JCSY said...

I used to bathe my kids in a bath tub and everytime they finish - i'll have to pour the water away, without recycling it. So - now no more bath tubs for my baby boy - he's only 9 months old and I shower him...btw, he loves it. And my family recycles all the time - tin cans, newspaper, bottles, old electrical stuff.. etc..

FleetingMoments said...

Hey that is great man! We use the water to wash the toilet, for the pokok or for the kids school shoes. Good idea!