Thursday, June 05, 2008

Siva's Birthday

Our family's Birthday falls one after another. It starts with Arjoonha in April, Bhaarath and me in May and Siva in June. Today is Siva's Birthday(my husband). Getting a gift for Siva is the hardest thing to do (still thinking of what to get him). I took Siva out for dinner to this nice place, Australian Outback at Bangsar Village. It has a cosy, pleasant setting, and our kind of country music was playing. So we ordered serious stuff like lamb and beef and tucked away. I find the food to be better then Chillis! Then we talked about the house, kids, etc.. and without the kids around we can really talk. I used to feel guilty leaving the kids at home and having the 'Us' time, but now I do realise how important it is to do this. Life tends to get so busy and crowded and we forget how important it is to invest in 'Us' as a couple. So did have a good evening, and we came home to my so called adopted sister Jaci who dropped by with a cake. It was a good thing as the kids were looking forward to singing the birthday anthem for their father. Another thing, I thought this was really sweet. Siva received Birthday greetings from his mum. She said she remembers the day he was born; easy birth, healthy baby, lovely sunday morning(the amazing part is she remembers this, as she has 10 kids). Happy Birthday Siva, may you have another 40 healthy ones! Will post photos later today, my laptop is having some issues.


Anonymous said...

Soo sweet,Wish you guys have have a 100 years of happy married life..why no picturelah

FleetingMoments said...

glad u noticed. my laptop has some issues. will try to download today..Got some nice pics.

JCSY said...

Happy Birthday SIva!! May you continue to have good health and good wealth.