Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Typical SATURDAY: Counting my blessings!

With so many uncertainties around us, sometimes a typical weekend is a blessing indeed! Today we had a typical SATURDAY. We woke up slightly later then normal. My eldest son Arjoonha is an early riser, so by 730am we are all up. He gets excited about preparing breakfast for the family, so I try to get him involved and we usually have toast, scrambled eggs, baked beans and sausages. Then some lazing around in the pyjamas and some playing. Then Arjoonha is sent for his children's class and in that 1 hour I will prepare lunch, such as sandwiches or spaghetti. Today was chicken sandwich day. We have lunch together, then the kids are allowed to watch a cartoon, while the adults get some rest, reading time or computer time! After that we normally head to my mother's and spend the rest of the evening there. The children get to meet and play with their cousins and I get to catch up with my mum and sisters, and the husbands are normally in the background having tea, reading, napping or taking the kids to playground. We normally head back home after dinner, and children will doze off in the car and have to be carried back home. This is how we spend a typical Saturday!

Simple Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Chicken breast or fillet
Fresh grounded pepper
Lettuce cut into small pieces
Onions slices
Cucumber slices
Tomatoes slices
Cheese slices
Bread: white/whole meal, or pita bread
Tomato/Chilli Ketchup

Marinate chicken with salt pepper and honey and leave it for an hour
Then roast the chicken in an oven till all brown and tender
once chicken is cooked cut it into slices
Then pile up the bread with layers of chicken, cucumber, onion, tomato, lettuce, pickes, cheese and put on any dressing that the family likes. You can also toast the bread if you like. If you feel you will need more vegetables for lunch you can serve the sandwich with a bowl of salad that you family loves!
This is a simple wholesome meal with chicken and vegetables, perfect for quick lunches. This is also perfect for take away by wrapping it into cling wrap so that it will remain fresh when you are going out!

Other then chicken you can also use egg!

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EarlGirl said...

That sounds delicious, I'll try it! I've never marinated chicken in honey I don't think.