Sunday, June 29, 2008

Every Stranger a Friend we have not met

We meet people daily in our lives, everywhere. Everyone we meet has some interesting story to share or experience we can learn from . I am one who loveeesssss to hear about other people's lives. Some may call this as being nosey, but I like the term being inquisitive! My son's swimming instructor(I am referring to her as M in case she does not want me to mention her on this blog) is a German lady who has been in Malaysia and married to a local and has 2 sons. So we meet briefly almost every Sunday and exchange some niceties in between the classes. Today Arjoonha had his swimming class, and in that one hour he was with her I quickly made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Okay I am going to post this recipe later. At the end of the class it started raining, and also she did not have another class after my son's. So I invited her over for tea at my place. It was a perfect, cosy weather to have someone over for hot tea and chocolate chip cookies. I got to know quite a bit about her. Such interesting details as to how she backpacked throughout Indonesia, and ended in Malaysia accidentally and met her husband who is a town planner by accident. And 11 years later married with 2 boys. Also I got to know more about her life in Germany and some of her political views and priorities in life. And as mothers do we ended our conversation discussing about our children. Now M has become more then just my son's swimming instructor. It's amazing what a cup of tea and cookie can do on a rainy day.


lu-kalah said...

Hi. This is Boonlert here. I am suprise you can still remember me, even my home town.

you can google my name nai boonlert then you will see my consulting practise.

my email is

I live in PJ.

FleetingMoments said...

hi boonlert, gosh I cant believe this. Yes you have an unique name which is difficult to forget, and when I was in Penang I also heard someone by the same name here, not too sure if it was you.

EarlGirl said...

I was shopping with my husband when he met a very old woman and began talking to her. We invited her over to dinner and have become like family! Last night she was telling me about her life in New Zealand during the war. You can meet amazing people in such unexpected places!